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Who are we

Founder's View

I have always felt the need for a helpline service which provides instant relief, comfort, and ongoing support in an emotionally stressful situation concerning our day to day lives, which one can access anytime on an ongoing basis. I have felt the need for the same, at a personal level as well, and this motivated me to start this service in an organized and professional format.


Over the last few years, family and social support structures have seen a diminishe role in people’s lives. Hectic work schedules, excessive use of technology and rampant consumerism have played a major role in alienating people from social support networks and relationships, resulting in rise in emotional distress and psychological setbacks.



Few facts

  • People rarely visit a healthcare professional or clinic to discuss day to day emotionally disturbing issues, because it is perceived to be “NOT SERIOUS ENOUGH” to warrant a visit.
  • There is a certain amount of embarrassment and taboo associated with anything concerning the mind. One is immediately labelled as “not normal”.
  • People dealing with stressful situations regarding their relationships, sexuality, abuse and workplace issues would prefer to maintain complete anonymity.



The word “zyego”

Two essential elements

  • “e” in zyego stands for technology. Our platform will use all relevant and emerging technologies to deliver the best possible experience to the user and make the service easily accessible and scalable.
  • “zygo”, the residual words, are a short form of zygomaticus, a group of facial muscles essential for a person to smile.


Our approach

  • Emotional wellness has to be practiced regularly, on a preventive basis, to improve quality of life, as part of a process of self development and improvement.
  • We believe that its time people realize the importance of mental and emotional wellness in their daily lives and have access to trained professionals in an easy, affordable and sustainable way.
  • Awareness of the need and ease of access will remove the taboo associated with mental and psychological issues people face in their day to day lives
  • Technology will play a major role in standardizing the delivery format and making it accessible to a large section of people without the constraints of time and space.

What is counselling?

It is the process of being self-aware and having the capability to think and feel emotions with clarity and understanding. Counselling is a type of talking therapy that allows a person to talk about their problems and feelings in a confidential and dependable environment. A counsellor is trained to listen with empathy (by putting themselves in your shoes) and can help you deal with any negative thoughts and feelings

When do we need counselling?

Counselling aims to help you deal with and overcome issues that are causing emotional pain or making you feel uncomfortable. It can provide a safe and regular space for you to talk and explore difficult feelings. The counsellor is there to support you and respect your views. They won’t usually give you advice, but will help you find your own insights into and understanding of your situation and problems.

Leadership Team

Arindam Sen, Founder

A corporate banker turned entrepreneur with over two decades of experience with institutions such as IL&FS, GE Capital and Deutsche Bank. He was motivated to start this service after a period of prolonged illness of his parents, which highlighted the need for a reliable and sustainable emotional support system for individuals without extended family support. He takes a keen interest in technology and is the brain behind the entire technology architecture of the zyego platform. In his spare time Arindam enjoys playing tennis, cooking, listening to music and riding his motorcycle. He has a Masters degree in economics and finance from the University of Delhi.

Nita Dutta Roy– Operations& BD

Nita is the key execution person in the team and brings a hard nosed reality check to ideas and projects with a strict and determined execution style. She is also the chief people officer of the team and manages the entire team of psychologists with their schedules, work formats and requirements at a micro level with a unique blend of energy and enthusiasm. Nita has a degree in child development and human resources from Mumbai University and has worked at several corporates prior to joining zyego. Nita is a fitness enthusiast and enjoys her music, cooking and gardening in her spare time.

Neeraj Sehgal – Partnerships

Neeraj joined zyego after almost 25years in the financial services industry in India and Dubai having worked with Ranbaxy, Kotak Mahindra Finance, AIG Insurance and the Duniya group, Dubai. He brings a wealth of experience from the insurance sector and is instrumental in forging partnerships for the service. Neeraj is based in Dubai and is leading the initiative to spread the service in the UAE, to the Indian diaspora. In his spare time Neeraj likes to travel, enjoys good food and listen to music. Neeraj has a Masters degree in finance from the University of Delhi.

Pulkit Sharma – Clinical Psychologist

Pulkit is a senior clinical psychologist and is the guiding factor behind the therapy format underlying the service. He has personally trained most of the psychologists at zyego and has devised the entire training module and therapy formats of our service. He has over 10 years of experience with leading mental health institutions such as Vimhans and in private practice. He has an MPhil from IBHAS and is a leading spokesperson in this domain having featured in several television programs and his writings are widely published in leading English and regional dailies.

Team of Psychologists

Shraddha Banerjee- Clinical Psychologist

A gold medalist in her graduation (B.A. Psychology Honours), Shraddha is a registered clinical psychologist and has done her M.Phil from S. C. B. Medical College and Hospital, Odisha. With more than 8 years of experience in the clinical field, she specializes in dealing with Substance Abuse, Relationship Issues, Adolescent Issues, Quarter life crisis and many more. She is a trained therapist using REBT, CBT, DBT and Psychodrama in her therapeutic practice. Her hobbies include theatre and dancing.

Ambika Bhardwaj

Ambika has completed her masters from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences. She takes a keen interest in promoting mental health and breaking the stigma that surrounds mental disorders. Apart from being a mental health professional, Ambika enjoys exploring new places, spending quality time with family and friends.

Sunandini Bhardwaj

Sunandini is an MPhil, in counselling psychology, and a trained hypnotherapist. She has worked extensively with students and with children with special needs helping them progress into mainstream schooling. Behavioral workshops and training are a particular area of expertise. She is also experienced in leading a team of counsellors and administering psychometric tests during the course of her work.

Shilpi Kapoor

Shilpi is a Clinical Psychology post graduate, primarily practicing cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) and Creative Art Therapy in her sessions. She has over time, developed a keen fondness in working with adolescents and young adults. She is also experienced in administering and interpreting various psycho diagnostic tests in clinical and corporate settings. Overall deeply interested in promoting mental wellbeing and breaking taboos attached to it.

Advisory Team

Dr. LK Malhotra

Dr.Shirin Rathore

Pulkit Sharma