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When the child doesn’t want to study and misbehaves when asked to study?

Try techniques of behavior modification. Use negative reinforcement and positive reinforcement. For negative reinforcement one takes away a certain privilege from the child. Explain it to your child that if you do not study then you would have to bear with the consequences. Even when taking away something from your child, specify that it is not a punishment but the consequence of his/her actions.  The child would definitely react but you need to be assertive and calm. Positive reinforcement is you giving something to the child when he himself has completed a certain ‘decided upon’ portion of his/ her study material. Remember it is different from bribing. You cannot tell the child that if you study you will get something. It is upon you to decide what and how would you give the positive reinforcement to your child. Other techniques include token economy and star charting. For more tips on this you can connect with us via our app.

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