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Handling Emotions

What if we can’t forget our past and convince ourselves to move on? What can we do? What if our parents can’t forget our past/ mistake and how can we convince our parents that we have moved on?

What is it that is making you hang on to your past? Is it the hurt, anger or some other emotion? There is no individual that has not ever made a mistake. The important part is to realize the fault, accept it, learn from it and move on.  Remember that we cannot change our past but we are in control of our present. . If your parents were saddened by a certain behavior of yours then do something in the present that would make them confident that you have brought about a positive change in your attitude and behavior.  Communicate with your parents about how you feel. They will also support you in bringing a positive outlook in your life and they too will move on with you. To help you more in this regard we would want to know about your situation in detail.

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