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It was one of those regular days when I was taking rounds and visiting classes and checking on my students whom I counselled. Suddenly a nursery teacher comes running to me saying that a boy in her class had just used the f*** word. Having a blank expression on my face I said, “So what?” She was so terrified that how a 4yr old could use that word for his teacher. And just like it takes seconds for a fire to spread, this had spread throughout the school by the recess time.

Do you really think this boy knew the meaning of the word he had just used?? Not at all. But the teacher had hyped all of this out of proportion.  So much that he really didn’t know what crime he’d committed.

Why do we do this??? Hyping our expressions of such words, not talking about the so called “bad” words, not speaking to our kids about the three letter word “sex”??

The more we hide these from them, the more curious they become as to what it might be. And we do not know in that curiosity, what they might do to get their answers.

Does it really have to take a murder and a rape to prove to us that we need to break away from that taboo and start educating our children on sex. A child as young as a 3 yr old could be “sexducated “. Sexducating your child right from the beginning and talking about the touch, the good, bad or no touch is very important. If they are using abusive language, talk to them from where they heard the word and if they know the meaning of it. Sometimes, children don’t even know the meaning of and just use the word because they heard someone else use it. Explain them the meaning of it in a language they understand and then let them choose/ decide whether the word they used in a particular context fits in or not.

Food for thought:

Young children are like that lump of mud on the potter’s wheel. We can mould them accordingly with our gentle touch. The onus is on us for how we mould them and in turn how we mould our future.

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