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I have doubts regarding future work? That whether I should do a successful job which can make my life comfortable? Or should I follow my heart which says that I should work for helpless, needy and want to give speeches to help others? But again I am confused between these two options? What should I really do? I know I can go for any, I will make it. But again there is a second thought? Regarding future my mind is not clear?

It is not uncommon to be unclear about career. To be successful in any field we should be aware about our aptitude. Choosing a field according to our strengths ensures success and job satisfaction. A person who is exceptionally good in the chosen field is bound to be successful and as a result will have a good remuneration and then would be in a better position to help the poor and the needy. Many people who are exceptionally good at their work are inspirational and motivational speakers but again those are the people who work in their area of interest. So the first step is to be aware about your aptitude.


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