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How to increase our self confidence? I usually see people doing a lot for their future and compare myself to them. I know we should never compare ourselves with others but how to control that? I many times feel that I am nothing. I can’t work hard and so on. Such negative thoughts. Just time pass on social media and all?

An individual can work hard when he/she has defined set of goals. Make a list of goals according to priority. Set short term realistic goals for each day. For example, if you have an exam coming up, your main goal would be to achieve a certain percentage but everyday goals would be a certain amount of study material that you would complete on a daily basis. Make sure the amount you decide for a day is within your capacity. Once you start achieving on a daily basis your motivation and self confidence will increase. Make a set schedule which would include daily exercising and a limited time on social media. Include a healthy diet. Instead of comparison develop a sense of healthy competition with your fellow mates.

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