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First of all try to evaluate the situation from every possible perspective. If you still feel that the other person is lying and trying to prove something then you do not have to argue with the person. You have to decide what you want. Plan your actions accordingly. For example, If you know someone is constantly stealing money and lying about it then of course you would want that your money shouldn’t get stolen anymore. Instead of arguing or trying to prove the other person wrong focus on making your money safe and plan accordingly.

One needs to assess the situation in terms of severity of the threats. If the attempts were made in terms of self harm how severe have they been?   A para-suicide is an attempt where the aim is not death but to draw attention to other problems. One also needs to assess their own behavior when such gestures or threats are made. In case the person threatens to commit suicide if certain conditions are not fulfilled and those conditions are readily fulfilled by the other person then such behaviour is reinforced.  In such conditions one needs to be assertive and should not get manipulated. Also the person making such threats does need immediate professional help and if the person is not willing to go to the hospital then consider an option of arranging a home visit. For more suggestions we would like to know more about the situation.


Calm yourself be exercising and meditation. Do not avoid such situations, as avoiding them will reinforce the fear. Expose yourself to such situations with someone by your side. Be casual and engage in chatting with the person while you are in a crowded area. Do not over think as to what the other person might think about you. Be your normal self and make an eye contact while talking to new people

You would have to explore the reasons behind this belief. Try to jot down what you feel are the reasons behind this. Sometimes we take someone’s criticism to heart and blindly believe in it. It is important to note that other’s opinion merely shows their thought process and has got nothing to with us. Secondly, to improve your own self concept you need to notice yourself more and note down things that you like about yourself. Remind yourself everyday about your positive qualities. We would want you to elaborate on the same so that we are able to help you in a better way.

An individual can work hard when he/she has defined set of goals. Make a list of goals according to priority. Set short term realistic goals for each day. For example, if you have an exam coming up, your main goal would be to achieve a certain percentage but everyday goals would be a certain amount of study material that you would complete on a daily basis. Make sure the amount you decide for a day is within your capacity. Once you start achieving on a daily basis your motivation and self confidence will increase. Make a set schedule which would include daily exercising and a limited time on social media. Include a healthy diet. Instead of comparison develop a sense of healthy competition with your fellow mates.