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Erectile Dysfunction is still not openly discussed in our society. It’s still very difficult for many couples to talk about sex, and especially about erection problems. Couples talking and communicating is the first step toward getting help and enjoying a better sex life . A few simple strategies can help you communicate easily.

Find a Comfortable Way to approach the subject

If you feel hesitant about starting the conversation with your partner, spend some time by yourself preparing your approach. If it helps, rehearse your opening and then choose a time and place that feels comfortable.

Be Open and Supportive

When problems happen in the bedroom, emotions can run high. If you’ve begun avoiding sex for fear of not getting an erection, your partner may begin to think you no longer find them attractive. Feelings get hurt. Couples begin to feel less intimate. Resentment creeps in.

That’s why it’s so important to talk about sexual problems like erectile dysfunction in an open and supportive way.

Talk to a therapist

Talking to a therapist about these issues, in an anonymous format can clear various doubts and mis-conceptions associated with the above. Our anonymous counselling app zyego enables users to communicate freely in complete anonymity and get professional help when it is much needed.