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How It Works?

  1. Download app from the Google playstore and the iOS app store.
  2. Click on the app and fill in basic details – DOB, PIN, Occupation and Gender.
  3. Request OTP.
  4. Once OTP is received, login again and set password and security questions.
  5. Once user is registered and logged in, they can go to the counselling section, select chat or call back, choose the therapy package, make payment and immediately get connected to a counsellor, in real time.

Recharge Account

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Do we prescribe any medication?
  • No, we do not prescribe any medication. This is only a counselling and coaching service
Is this a suicide helpline?
  • This is NOT a suicide or emergency helpline and users must access their nearest healthcare facility in case of any emergency.
  • We will counsel callers who call us with suicide ideation thoughts and feelings
What is the company billing and refund policy?
  • Current billing options are on a fixed per session basis.
  • Any residual time balance can be carried forward to the next session with a minimum re-charge
  • Charges are inclusive of all government taxes and company reserves exclusive right to review and revise charges over time
Privacy of data
  • All users will be identified with a unique alphanumeric CIF (client information form) number
  • Any personal information submitted to us during the payment gateway fulfillment process are as per government regulations and are part of normal business practices to be accessed in exceptional circumstances when the law demands disclosure, in case of fraud, payment disputes, other activities of this nature, etc.
  • Strict processes and security procedures are in place to ensure that the business and counselling functions never overlap and there is no information exchange.
Privacy of counsellors
  • Counsellor identity would be kept private with their qualifications and experience being available for perusal by the user
Does one have a dedicated counsellor?
  • This is a group helpline service so no user can have a dedicated counsellor at all times.
  • However, efforts will be made to keep the user engaged within a small group of counsellors only
Can I access this service if I move my place of residence to another city?
  • Yes, service can be accessed from any place in India as long the same mobile number is being used to access the service
Can I contact the counselor at odd hours?
  • All contact with counsellors will be via the app only.
  • Users to contact the counselor during service hours only
Are sessions strictly time bound?
  • Sessions will be of fixed denominations with session ending warnings being intimated at regular intervals
  • Sessions can also be extended further with a re-charge